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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 10, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. we begin tonight with breaking news about that missing girl out of roanoke. police say 12-year-old brittany smith has been found and she's
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fine. our roanoke, virginia, sister station says she was found with easley. her mother was mom dead in her home on monday and we are hearing easley was taken in to custody in the san francisco bay area. police are expected to release more information in a press conference in about an hour. we will have more on the story on 9 news now at 11:00. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, slick ride. the first snow of the season makes a mess of local roads. trimming the tree. pepco launches an aggressive campaign to try to keep your power on this winter. and suspicious minds. the family of a virginia fashion designer found dead in new york shares his theory on what happened to her. i'm peggy fox at mary mount university in arlington where a fashion designer found dead at a famous new york hotel got her start. 33-year-old sylvie cachay was found partially clothed in an overflowing bathtub in the soho
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house. >> oh, my god. my baby. >> reporter: her parents who live in mclean are devastated. they are suspicious of nicholas brooks who, police have been questioning. he and sylvie cachay had dated the past few months until she recently broke up with him. >> she always wanted to help people, always. and she thought she could change him. >> reporter: do you think he did it? >> i think so, yeah. >> reporter: brooks has not been charged in sylvie cachay's death. police say her neck and collarbone had red marks by an autopsy was inconclusive. i'm bruce leshan in glen echo where pepco is in the middle of another controversy. this time over trees. pepco insists that it will not come on to people's property in to their front yards and cut down beautiful old trees like this 100 year sycamore, but a montgomery county council member wants to know if that's
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the case why is pepco putting out door hangers that suggest that it will come on your property without permission and cut down your trees? >> say, gee, we might do a complete tree removal. okay? and then in small print it says, unless we hear from you, we will pro-side with our planned tree work." unless we hear from you." so in this context removing a tree, silence is deemed con seventh. >> absolutely not. we will not remove a tree without the consent of a customer. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in frederick county where people have spent much of the day trying to recover from a small snow squall that caused a lot of problems. here's one of the many accidents that brought things to a halt. in this case, a trucker rescued from the crushed cap of his overturned 40,000-pound rig on
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i-70 westbound in the heart of frederick. a serious wreck with injuries. it was snowing hard at the time. and this is what the road looked like at 11:30 a.m. >> i just came off of braddock mountain and slid most of the way down. it's crazy. >> reporter: west of frederick, thousands of motorists were trapped on the closed interstate over the two mountains between frederick and hagerstown for hours at a time. thanks to another tangle of truck wrecks ahead. >> it is very dangerous out here. produce a little bit of snow. >> the dc city council has given preliminary approval to a bill to give people who can prove they live in the city priority for space inside of homeless shelters. the current law reads the city has to shelter anyone who is homeless an needs a bed when the temperature dips below freezing but they say it opens the doors for people from maryland and virginia. think we have seen a taste of winner this last week? wait until next week. tom sater is in for topper with
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a look at the frigid days ahead in the bigger story beside our dusts of course, that's a big story but the cold air will be coming in sunday in to monday behind the rainy sunday we will have. it will be much colder and much more windy. this will be brutal stuff. this clipper system, we have several of these that move through the area every winter. most of the time moisture is squeezed out over the mountains sometimes giving us flurries or an inch or two. today is interesting because it was the first one of the season, roads were never treated. we didn't have any leftover salt or residual chemicals from storms from before. but looks like a wet second half of the weekend and maybe snow involved with that rainfall, too. we will talk about that in detail coming up. a jury has convicted jose portillo in the murders of a psychiatrist and his wife. they were found dead in their northwest dc home in november
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of 2008. two other defendants had already pled guilty their roles in the murder and the robbery of their home. a former marine will spend the rest of his life in prison for attacking and raping three women in arlington. torres was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences plus an additional 168 years in prison. after that 190thousand dollars in fines. torres is also a suspect in a double murder in illinois and may be extradited to face charges. take a moment and look at this picture from a loudoun county cop. that is 14year -old-year-old injure for sanford and she was last seen last thursday when she left for school. police believe she maybe with that man, nicky lu. if you have seen either of them call police. a service that reads the magazines and newspapers to 900 blind residents of dc could be out of business. they lost funding from the district for next year. and even though volunteer readers were the ones that
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provided last year's service the service took away that money, as well. the nonprofit has received $50,000 from dc since it was founded back in 1974. >> this is something that really goes to the heart. you have taken away a part of my civil rights. when i really ought to be able to do in 2011. >> reporter: in its place the district may contract with the national federation for the blind's news line. that provides a computerized voice. president obama brought in the big guns today trying to draw support for his tax cut deal. after an oval office meeting, former president clinton said he endorses the agreement that would extend tax cut and unemployment benefits over the next couple of years and today we learned if the bill passes it will extend the tax break for commuters who use mass transit. that ben any was set to expire this year.
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get ready for delays on the beltway this weekend as we inch a little closer to the end of the wilson bridge project. in about two hours, crews will start to narrow the inner loop to one through lane and one local lane between route 1 and telegraph road. several ramps will be closed down. they hope to have it wrapped up by sunday afternoon. it just wouldn't be a weekend without work on the metro, right? this time it is between the shady grove and the twinbrook stations and the silver spring and wheaton stations. all on the red line. the eastern mark and stadium armory stations on the blue and orange line and the braddock road and van doren stations on the blue line. it is for track or switch work or platform work or something. still ahead a new treatment that could solve a stubborn problem that plagues 40 million americans. but first this rocket wasn't the only thing heading in to space this week. the mystery cargo. we will tell you about it
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coming up next.
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was on the payload that orbited earth twice this week. it was a block of cheese. it was a tribute to monty python and it was pleased to send the first cheese to space. i kind of thought it maybe a stray berry. a health alert about toenail fungus. that afcs up to 40 million of us. creams and medications where are what we have to deal with it usually but a fda approved laser treatment specifically targets the nail fungus. >> reporter: for many people toenail fungus is embarrassing but for susan it hurts. >> especially if i wear a shoe with pressure or a sock or stocking would catch on it and
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it is uncomfortable. >> reporter: he is undergoing pinpoint laser treatment. it kills the toenail fun gunst gus quick and pain free. it thrives under a combination of darkness, heat and moisture and causes nails to become thick and discolored. topical creams don't have a high success rate and some oral medications have serious health risks including liver damage. the studies show the laser treatment is up to 85% effective. >> you will see improvement. it is just a question of how much it has improved and what the patient is looking for. >> reporter: the average cost for pinpoint laser is $1,000, plus followup treatments. insurance doesn't cover any of it but susan says it is worth it. >> i can wear all open toe shoes and have nice looking feet. >> patients don't see any improvement until months later hen the nail can grow out. so if you have this problem and want to be wearing sandals by spring it is time to take
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action. >> you might want to think of this, all the money and time you spend could be for nothing if you don't do something about you your shoes. doctors say you need to sterilize the shoes every day to kill any fungus that might be lurking in there. still to come, tom is back with a check on the frigid weekend forecast. by first the holidays can be a beautiful, emotional time for all of us but one woman's heart wrenching story is a surprise and will shock you up next. ♪
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♪ [ children laughing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. discover the wonder at
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well, put this one in the bad idea column. a florida church wanted to make this camel part of the annual christmas play. unfortunately it seems camels don't actually celebrate christmas. see the animal is supposed to stop and kneel in the middle of the aisle but as you'll see, once it stops it did not want to continue. and then when the handler tried to get it going again, the camel promptly fell over in toe in the crowd. i wish we had video of this.
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luckily no one was hurt. a lot of mixed reaction from this in our video newsroom. we asked you if you thought it was funny or tragic. beth johnson posts, my daughter asks why would anyone think bringing a camel in to church is a good idea. and fred jarvis writes, so funny. poor camel. while karen garner pleads come on, people, it wasn't meant to be either but you have to have a sense of humor. i admit it, i laughed. no one was injured. i guess the straw really did break the camel's back. smile, people. it is the holidays. share your thoughts anytime on our wusa facebook page. after 20 years of decorating this house has become the talk of the town right outside of st. louis. they spent 140 hours putting together their teddy bear christmas land. this thing features nutcrackers, spinning elves, a lot of santa clauses. they accept donations from folks that come to see the light and all of those go to
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the local church. we, of course, always want to see your decorations during the holiday season. e-mail us a picture. send it to lights at we will share them at 6:00 a.m. a lot of us get cards around the holidays in the mail but for one kentucky woman one card she found in the mail this year is the last thing she ever expected. marcus washington explains ♪ [ music ] ♪ from the tree to the decorations inside of sandy's russellville, kentucky home. there's no doubt she loves christmas. >> hearing from people that you haven't heard from throughout the year, you know, getting in touch and keeping in touch. >> reporter: this christmas is expected to be a tough one for sandy. six months ago, her mother, who lived in illinois, died. >> she insisted i go home last christmas because she said i'm not going to be here much long and i'm thankful i did because that was our last christmas
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together. >> reporter: this will be the first christmas without her mother or her mom's christmas card. sandy can only remember one time she didn't receive a holiday greeting card, three years ago. >> she called and asked if i got my christmas card a couple of years ago and i never got it and thought i was be bad girl that year. she was psyching me. >> reporter: on december 8th of this year that sandy and her husband said they received a letter that was long overdue. >> i opened it up and it said lots of love mom and clayton. >> reporter: a christmas card from her now deceased mother and step father who died two years ago. the only explanation, this card is the one lost from 2007. >> this would have been the first year without my mom's christmas card. >> reporter: inside a money order dated the 7th day of the 12th month of the year 2007. the same year the holiday card went missing. >> the bible, john 14:18 says i
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will not leave you comfortless and this is telling me mom and my step dad clayton and my dad are okay ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the last christmas card reads the very song, a holiday decoration from her mother's home plays, "have yourself a merry little christmas." >> this is closure. like you get one more. in russellville, kentucky. marcus washington. >> well, of course the holidays can be a rough time of the year for many reasons, especially with the economy like it is now and that is why is teaming up with the marine corps reserve for toys for tots. you can donate a new, unwrapped toy to any local fire station right now through december 22nd and if you need to know more it is easy to find. go to and click on toy drive 9. if you are really, really tired of cold weather, that's just too bad. here's tom. >> yeah, exactly.
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i wish there were better news. radar is clear. we don't have anymore of the white stuff. >> no. >> a wet sunday but you are right the cold air is coming and it will be even colder than this week. we will continue to have strong winds starting on monday. live doppler 9000 hd, we are all clear. now, we have, yes, a clipper system move in like every winter and several of them. this one did produce a little bit of light snow, flurry activity in most locations. in fact many spots dry, didn't see anything. this doppler radar composite shows the heavier, darker colors. this this where we had pockets that coated the ground. to the north, frederick, washington county, carroll, northern montgomery, northern howard county in to baltimore county i-66 to lindhen was shut down for a few hours this morning but it is out of here. that's clipper number one. because it's the first one. because it's the first time it coated the ground we didn't have residual salt or chemicals on the roadways. so therefore, some accidents.
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notice the clearing. this is another cold night. not going to warm up yet but a early december thaw but it will be here tomorrow and in to sunday although it will be a cold rain. with the cloud cover breaking up we cool down one more time. and i think in the 40s tomorrow and on sunday. but it is a cold rain. and it looks like it will end as a brief period of snow. even colder air behind it. believe it or not. i will show you that in a moment. 38 degrees. the normal high, believe it or not, normal high is 48, near 50. we are not going to see that for sometime and temperatures will go in the other direction. beginning overnight, not as cold as this morning but some folks, 19, 27. i think 27 at reagan national. thank goodness the winds will be light and remain that way throughout the day tomorrow. we go from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies for your afternoon. 46 for a high. i wanted to show you the numbers. single digit high temperatures earlier this week to the north. and then teens for highs. next week, cold air, you can
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barely see the white here. this pool of cold air will keep the temperatures well below the zero mark and it will be sliding across the great lakes. it will kick in the lake effect snow machine. there are blizzard watches for we a by the way with whiteout conditions today and tomorrow. we are looking at rainfall and that's a good thing. clearing skies give way to cloud cover. a dry day tomorrow. if you have shopping to do get it in. here's the shield of rain. it will be a cold rain and if you have tickets to the redskins, be ready. hopefully the redskins could put on a win win and generate warmth that way. otherwise nothing like watching a poor team in the cold wet weather. high of 31 on monday. and 20s on tuesday and wednesday. >> tom, i thank you, sir. >> you are welcome. the weird news file. we have a piece of video for which the words don't tray this -- don't try this at home don't do it justice. a group of russian youngsters
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are taking sledding to the next level, yeah, the level down. they glide off the roof attached by nothing but a bungee cord. it looks crazy. you heard the cream? the girl was -- scream, the girl was chosen as the test dumb many for the stunt. to no word if she wanted to do it. the video is titled oh, i'm sure it is perfectly safe. i have another name for it. death wish, part three up on the roof.
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vicks dayquil defeats 5 cold and flu symptoms. ♪ in the mail bag, the guy opening his restaurant with a sign that says no negroes allowed. kim from winchester had what you would expect as a response -- but ray from alexandria, well, you be the judge of this one -- >> one -- you know what ray, i
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will throw this to larry from forestville who says -- funny thing is i hesitated to ask you a question about that story because i figured heck, nobody will say anything but one, but i was wrong. i hope you will send us e-mail. talk to you later this evening. bye-bye. i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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[ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. charles and camilla, attacked. the prince and duchess in the middle of a royal riot. >> it was tough getting in the vehicle. >> a smashed window, paint bombs, mayhem in the streets of london as the cameras roll. queen elizabeth then and now. rare footage of prince william's grandmother. her royal wedding and meeting marilyn monroe. josh duhamel on his texting nightmare. >> i messed up and i feel like an idiot. >> escorted off a flight, what he's only telling us. >> plus, getting personal about his wife fergie. >> i'm not afraid to admit it.


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